About Us

In this world where everyone is running to reach their destinations, it is not easy to stop, look, read and think. We want everything instant, starting from food to news. To maintain this, many websites, tend to put their own stories and hence the authenticity is disturbed. But in Herald News-Press we always deliver the truth.

We have a big team in Herald News-Press who takes care of all the user related issues and authenticity of the news articles. We put forward our level best so that our readers don’t feel the necessity of comparison.

We cover news from all over the world starting from Antarctica to the Arctic. The main four categories that we maintain our- health, business, technology, and science. In these four categories, we enclose the world and deliver to you so that you can virtually understand the current affairs.

Our articles are written in straightforward language so that not only the experts but the beginners can also understand the morals. With every article, there are pictures which are relative to it. Because a picture speaks a thousand word and it also makes the reading enjoyable. Nobody likes to look at the contents of black and white only. So rather than wondering about what is happening, wander with Herald News-Press to the world of virtual reality.